Moraka Vendor

Vendor Coordinates
55.31, 55.83

The vendor is located upstairs in a small building in Orgrimmar in The Drag area.

Moraka vendor items

Ultramarine Ink
Viridescent Ink
Roseate Pigment
Warbinder’s Ink
Starlight Ink
Crimson Ink
Maroon Ink
Sallow Pigment
Ink of Dreams
Inferno Ink
Blackfallow Ink
Snowfall Ink
Darkflame Ink
Lion’s Ink
Celestial Ink
Ink of the Sea
Ethereal Ink
Moonglow Ink
Midnight Ink
Shimmering Ink
Jadefire Ink
Sealing Wax
Light Parchment

Vanishing Powder
Virtuoso Inking Set

Scribe’s Satchel

White BOE
Plain Wooden Staff

Grey BOE
Rough Wooden Staff