Mia Pyke Vendor

Vendor Coordinates
76.54, 34.84

The vendor is located outside in Wingrest Embassy in The Waking Shores

Mia Pyke vendor items

Crafting Reagent
Primal Flux
Iridescent Water
Draconic Vial
Enchanting Vellum
Three-Cheese Blend
Glittering Parchment
Misshapen Filigree
Draconic Stopper
Ohn’iahran Potato
Pastry rackets
Conveniently Packaged Ingredients
Thaldraszian Cocoa Powder
Vanishing Powder

Blacksmith Hammer
leweler’s Toolset
Gyromatic Micro-Adjustor
Virtuoso Inking Set
Runed Copper Rod
Arclight Spanner
Fishing Pole
Skinning Knife
Mining Pick
Herbalist’s Spade

Explorer’ s Pack

Gateway Control Shard