Speed Up Tiger Lilly Farming

The first step is to learn Northrend Herbalism, you can learn it from Edward Egan at the old Dalaran. (43.16, 33.72)

Tiger Lilly farming can be farmed in some places and I have found 2 places to farm them.

Northrend Herbalism Dalaran

To speed up the farming you can use:
Darkmoon Firewater: Allows faster gathering of resources and slightly increases your size for 1 hour (5 min. cooldown)

Tiger Lilly Route 1 – Grizzly Hills

This is the easiest farm to Lilly Tiger flowers because they are near the sea or lake, just follow it around and herb a lot of flowers. 

Tiger Lilly Farming Grizzly Hills

Tiger Lilly Route 2 – Howling Fjord

The alternative route to farm Tiger Lilly. just follow the lake around and herb a lot of flowers.
There are also many Goldclover flowers in this area, you can see some Goldclover farms here.

Tiger Lilly farming Howling Fjord