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Iridium Recovery

Iron Them Out

It’s a Matter of Strategy

Old Friends New Enemies

One Step Ahead

Out of Jovite

Prized Repossessions

Punching Through

Supply Recovery

The Lord of the Gordunni

The Only Way to Travel

The Quarry Quandary

Through the Looking Glass

Unleashed Steel

Armor Up

At Your Command

Dropping Bombs

Gas Guzzlers

Going to the Gordunni

In Short Supply

Engineering Her Demise

Gazlowe’s Solution

Holding the Line

Khadgar’s Plan

Logistical Nightmare

News from Spires of Arak

Powering the Defenses

Send Them Running

Shredder Manual

The Battle for Shattrath

The Heart of Auchindoun

The Lady of Light

Too Many Irons in the Fire

Vol X Pages Mission

Wanted Hilaani

Wanted Kil’uun

Wanted Ra’tok the Hammer

We Must Construct Additional Pylons

An Eye for a Spy

As the Smoke Rises

Born to Shred

Disrupting the Flow


An’dure The Giant

Arcane Essence

Burning Sky

Crystals of Unusual Power

Every Bit Counts

Frenzied Manafeeders

Kaelynara Sunchaser

Pieces of Us


The Purge of Veil Shadar

Trouble in The Mine

What the Draenei Found

Aruuna’s Desolation

Court of Souls

Mor’gran Logworks


Zorkra’s Fall

Gatekeepers of Auchindoun

Kura’s Vengeance

The True Path

Cure of Aruunem

Dust of the Dead

Forbidden Knowledge