Spires of Arak Draenor Map world of warcraft











Befriending the Locals

Echo Hunters

Hidden in Plain Sight

Inspecting the Troops

Not Here Not Now

One of Our Own

Orders Commander

Orders From On High

Syth’s Secret

The Crone

The Shadows of Skettis

A Charming Deception

A Gathering of Shadows

A Lack of Wasps

Adherents of the Sun God

All Due Respect

Arakkoa Exodus

Follow that Hotrod

Gardul Venomshiv

Getting the Crew Back Together

Kimzee Pinchwhistle

No Time to Waste

Pinchwhistle Gearworks

Preventing the Worst

Skimming Off the Top

Spore Be Gone


Standing United

The Mother Lode

The Right Parts for the Job

Unwanted Pests

We Have Him Now

Clearing Out Before

Curing With Force


Extrinsic Motivation

Flame On

A Parting Favor

A Piece of the Puzzle

Admiral Taylor

Assassin’s Mark

Attempted Murder

I See Dead People

Prime the Cannons

Punishable by Death

Second in Command

Surviving in a Savage Land

The Power of Poison

What’s Theirs Is Ours