Shadowmoon Valley Draenor Map world of warcraft











For the Alliance

Keeping it Together

Looking for Lumber

Pale Moonlight

Qiana Moonshadow


Ravenous Ravens

The Home Stretch

Delegating on Draenor

Ship Salvage

Build Your Barracks

Establish Your Garrison

Finding a Foothold

Dark Enemies


Fun with Fungus

Into Twilight

Invisible Ramparts

Migrant Workers

Naielle, The Rangari

Shadows Awaken

The Exarch Council

The Sting

Think of the Children

A Hero’s Welcome

Ashran Appearance

Circle the Wagon

Closing the Door


Fiona’s Solution

Forever Young

Gestating Genesaur

Poison Paralysis



The Southern Wilds

Wanted Kuu’rat’s Tusks

Blademoon Bloom

Botani Beatdown

Cooking With Unstable Herbs

Crippled Caravan

Friend of the Exarchs

Hataaru the Artificer


Shut’er Down

Speaker for the Dead

Supply Drop

The Traitor’s True Name

Trust No One

Wanted Kliaa’s Stinger

Warning the Exarchs

A Matter of Life and Death


Exarch Maladaar

Forbidden Love

Things Are Not Goren Our Way

Engorged Goren

The Big Haul

The Hills of Valuun

The Shimmer Moor

Shadowmoonwell Quest ID 33113

A Curse Upon The Woods Quest ID 33120

Catching His Eye Quest ID 33062

Garrison Campaign War Council Quest ID 38253

My Very Own Castle Quest ID 36615