Gorgrond Draenor Map world of warcraft











Growing Wood

Just Another Stick in the Wall

Lost Lumberjack

Mossy Fate

Penny From Heaven


The Infested

The Laughing Skull

The Razorbloom

The Voice of Iyu

We Die Laughing

Your Base, Your Choice

A Flare for the Dramatic

Chapter 1 Plant Food

Chapter 2 The Harvest

Chapter 3 Ritual of the Charred

Eye Candy

Goren, Goren, Gone


Down the Goren Hole


Kaz the Shrieker

Power of the Genesaur

Super Seeds

Strike While the Iron is Hot

Secrets of the Botani

Penny for your Thoughts

We Burn the Dead

The Life Spring

Skulltakers in Crimson Fen

Basic Skulltaking

Thieving Dwarves

Ambassador to the Ancient

Laying Dionor to Rest

Shredder vs Saberon

News from Talador

Skulltaker’s Revenge

Reagents from Rakthoth

Pollen Power

Steamscar Reagents

The Sacking of the Saberon

Plant Pruning

Cut Them Down

A Green Ogron

Will of the Genesaur



Mistcreep Mire

Ruins of the First Bastion

South Gronn Canyon

Stonemaul Arena

Affliction Ridge

Tailthrasher Basin

Valley of Destruction

Brimstone Springs

Iyun Weald

The Forgotten Caves

Rooter the Ravenous