Zangarmarsh Outland Map world of warcraft











Thick Hydra Scales

Jyoba’s Report

Searching for Scout Jyoba

No More Mushrooms

Nothin’ Says Lovin’ Like a Big Stinger

Report to Shadow Hunter Denjai

There’s No Explanation for Fashion

A Job Undone

Menacing Marshfangs

News for Rakoria

Observing the Sporelings

Stealing Back the Mushrooms

The Ogre Threat

The Sporelings’ Plight

Us or Them

WANTED Boss Grog’ak

Watcher Leesa’oh

A Question of Gluttony

A Warm Welcome

Familiar Fungi

Impending Attack

Leader of the Darkcrest

Natural Enemies

Disturbance at Umbrafen Lake

Escape from Umbrafen

Have You Ever Seen One of These

Leader of the Bloodscale

Message to the Daggerfen

Plants of Zangarmarsh

Pursuing Terrorclaw

Reinforcements for Garadar

Safeguarding the Watchers

Spirits of the Feralfen

Stinging the Stingers

The Biggest of Them All

The Dying Balance

The Sharpest Blades

The Umbrafen Tribe

Wanted Chieftain Mummaki

A Damp, Dark Place

A Spirit Ally

Angling to Beat the Competition

As the Crow Flies

Balance Must Be Preserved

Blessings of the Ancients

Burstcap Mushrooms, Mon

Sporeggar Quest ID 9919

Storming The Steamvault Quest ID 29616

The Count of The Marshes Quest ID 9911

Withered Basidium Quest ID 9828

Warning the Cenarion Quest ID 9724

Checking Up Quest ID 29566

Drain Schematics Quest ID 9731

Fertile Spores Quest ID 9806

Glowcap Mushrooms Quest ID 9808

Return to The Marsh Quest ID 9732

Saving The Sporeloks Quest ID 10096