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Strange Energy

Wanted Bonelashers Dead

What’s Wrong at Cenarion Thicket

Wind Trader Lathrai

And Now, the Moment of Truth

By Any Means Necessary

Clues in the Thicket

Olemba Seed Oil

A Personal Favor


An Unwelcome Presence

Missing Friends

Patriarch Ironjaw

Recover the Bones

Report to Stonebreaker

Seek Out Kirrik

Speak with Scout Neftis

Stymying the Arakkoa

Surrender to the Horde

The Eyes of Skettis

The Tomb of Lights

The Firewing Liaison

The Infested Protectors

Vengeful Souls

Welcoming the Wolf Spirit

Who Are They

Vestments of the Wolf Spirit

What Are These Things

Because Kilrath is a Coward


Don’t Kill the Fat One