Blade’s Edge Mountains Quest Guides

Blade's Edge Mountains Outland Map world of warcraft











The Bladespire Threat

Felling an Ancient Tree

Culling the Wild

Dust from the Drakes

Grimnok and Korgaah, i Am For You!

Poaching from Poachers

Protecting Our Own

The Apprentice’s Request

The Bloodmaul Ogres

The Encroaching Wilderness

They Stole Me Hookah and Me Brews!

Whelps of the Wyrmcult

A Curse Upon Both of Your Clans!

A Time for Negotiation

and a Time for Action

Bladespire Kegger

Creating the Pendant

Mog’Dorg the Wizened

Since Time Forgotten

Slay the Brood Mother

Spirit Calling

The Stones of Vekh’nir

The Totems of My Enemy

There Can Be Only One Response

Trial and Error

Understanding the Mok’Nathal

Whispers of the Raven God

From the Ashes

Gather the Orbs

Grulloc Has Two Skulls

Inform Leoroxx

Little Embers

Wyrmskull Watcher

Did You Get the Note

Longtail is the Lynchpin

Maxnar Must Die

Meeting the Blackwing Coven

Prisoner of the Bladespire Quest ID 10724

Reunion Quest ID 10709

Showdown Quest ID 10742

Whispers on the Wind Quest ID 10614

A Boaring Time For Grulloc Quest ID 10721

Baron Sablemane Quest ID 10783

Gorgrom the Dragon Eater Quest ID 10723

Into the Churning Gulch Quest ID 10715

It’s A Trap Quest ID 10785

On Spirit’s Wings Quest ID 10714

Ogre Heaven Quest ID 11009

Our Boy Wants To Be A Skyguard Ranger Quest ID 11030

Slaughter At Bouldermok Quest ID 10786

The Crystals Quest ID 11025

The Smallest Creatures Quest ID 10720

An Apexis Relic Quest ID 11058

Baron Sablemane’s Poison Quest ID 10749

Crush the Bloodmaul Camp Quest ID 10784

Into the Soulgrinder Quest ID 11000

Maggoc’s Treasure Chest

The Spirits Have Voices Quest ID 10718

The Thunderspike Quest ID 10526

Thunderlord Clan Artifacts Quest ID 10524

Vision Guide Quest ID 10525

A Father’s Duty Quest ID 11061

A Fel Whip For Gahk Quest ID 11079

Even Gronn Have Standards Quest ID 10997

Grimoire Business Quest ID 10998

The Skyguard Outpost Quest ID 11062

A Special Thank You Quest ID 11091

Assault On Bash’ir Landing Quest ID 11119

Bombing Run Quest ID 11010

Guardian Of The Monument Quest ID 11059

Killing The Crawlers Quest ID 10928

Mok’nathal Treats Quest ID 10860

Ruuan Weald Quest ID 10615

Silkwing Cocoons Quest ID 10617

Wrangle Some Aether Rays Quest ID 11065

The Softest Wings Quest ID 10618

Mystery Mask Quest ID 10812

The Hound Master Quest ID 10912

The Truth Unbound Quest ID 10825

Treebole Must Know Quest ID 10829

You’re Fired Quest ID 10821

Damaged Mask Quest ID 10810

Deceive The Enemy Quest ID 10820

Felsworn Gas Mask Quest ID 10819

Fire At Will Quest ID 10911

Harvesting The Fel Ammunition Quest ID 10904

To Rule The Skies Quest ID 11078

Death’s Door Quest ID 10910

Exorcising The Trees Quest ID 10830