Hellfire Peninsula Quest Guides

Hellfire Peninsula Map world of warcraft












1 Work… For the Horde

Arrival in Outland

Bonechewer Blood

Burn It Up… For the Horde!

I Believe You Can Fly

Cannons of Rage

Disrupt Their Reinforcements

Doorway to the Abyss

Eradicate the Burning Legion

Felspark Ravine

Forge Camp Mageddon

Foward Base Reaver’s fail

Journey to Thrallmar

Mission Gateways Murketh and Shaadraz

Mission The Abyssal Sheif

Report to Nazgrel

A burden of Souls

Apothecary Antonivich

Apothecary Zelana

Boiling Blood

In Case of Emergency

Investigate the Crash

Preparing the Salve

Ravager Egg Roundup

Spinebreaker Post

Voidwalkers Gone Wild

Helboar the Other White Meat

Smooth as Butter

Marking the Path

The Great Fissure

The Mistress Revealed

Wanted Blacktalon the Savage

Arelion’s Journal

Arelion’s Secret

Birds of a Feather

Falcon Watch

In Need of Felblood

Magic of the Arakkoa

Arzeth’s Demise


Source of the Corruption

The Cleansing Must Be Stopped

The Dreghood Elders

A Traitor Among Us

Report to Zurai

How to Serve Goblins

Invading the Citadel

Make Them Listen

Outland Sucks

Report to Nazgrel

Return to the Abyssal Shelf

Shizz Work

The Agony and the Darkness

The Assassin

The Demoniac Scryer

The Eyes of Grillok

The Foot of the Citadel

The Mag’har

The Warchief’s Mandate

The Warp Rifts

Void Ridge

Wanted Worg Master Kruush

Zeth’Gor Must Burn

A Spirit Guide

A Strange Weapon

Advancing the Campaign

Beneath Thrallmar

Cruel’s Intentions

From the Abyss

Grillok Darkeye

Testing the Antidote

The Cenarion Expedition

The Road to Falcon Watch

Trueflight Arrows

A Pilgrim’s Plight

Arelion’s Mistress

Colossal Menace

Demonic Contamination Post

Helping the Cenarion Post

Keep Thornfang Hill Clear!

The Earthbinder

Crimson Crystal Clue

Natural Remedies

The Battle Horn Quest ID 10230

Avruu’s Orb Quest ID 9418

Bloody Vengeance Quest ID 10250

Decipher the Tome Quest ID 10229

Honor the Fallen Quest ID 10258

Missing Missive Quest ID 9373