Sholazar Basin Quest Guides

Sholazar Basin Northrend Map world of warcraft











Need an Engine, Take an Engine

Rhino Mastery The Chase

Rhino Mastery The Test

The Bones of Nozronn

Venture Co Misadventure

Welcome to Sholazar Basin

Where In the World is Hemet Nesingwary

Wipe That Grin Off His Face

An Offering for Soo rahm

Engineering a Disaster

Have a Part, Give a Part

It Could Be Anywhere!

Dreadsaber Mastery Ready to Pounce

Dreadsaber Mastery Stalking the Prey

Kick What Kick

Rhino Mastery The Kill

The Great Hunter’s Challenge

Crocolisk Mastery The Ambush

Crocolisk Mastery The Plan

Crocolisk Mastery The Trial

Dreadsaber Mastery Becoming Predator

In Search of Bigger Game

My Pet Roc

Securing the Bait

Sharpening Your Talons

Some Make Lemonade, Some Make Liquor

Still At It

The Taste Test

A Mammoth Undertaking

A Steak Fit for a Hunter

Burning to Help

An Issue of Trust

Cultist Incursion

Force of Nature

Lakeside Landing

Reconnaissance Flight

Returned Sevenfold

The Fallen Pillar

An Embarrassing Incident

Lightning Definitely Strikes Twice

Make the Bad Snake Go Away

Making Peace

Mischief in the Making

Playing Along

Powering the Waygate The Maker’s Perch

The Mist Isn’t Listening

The Part time Hunter

The Sapphire Queen

The Underground Menace

The Wasp Hunter’s Apprentice

Back So Soon

A Rough Ride

Flown the Coop

Fortunate Misunderstanding

Gods Like Shiny Things

Hoofing It

Just Following Orders

Lifeblood of the Mosswalker Shrine

Powering the Waygate The Makers’ Overlook

Return of the Friendly Dryskin

The Angry Gorloc

The Ape Hunter’s Slave

The Lifewarden’s Wrath

The Lost Mistwhisper Treasure

The Mosswalker Savior

Tormenting the Softknuckles

Weapons of Destruction

A Hero’s Burden

Exterminate the Intruders

Forced hand

Freya’s Pact

Hand of the Oracles

Home Time