Howling Fjord Quest Guides


Field Test

Green Eggs and Whelps

Hasty Preparations

Keeping Watch on the Interlopers

March of the Giants

New Agamand

Parts for the Job

Shield Hill

Spiking the Mix

Test at Sea

The New Plague

Time for Cleanup

Warning Some Assembly Required

What’s in That Brew

A Tailor Made Formula

And You Thought Murlocs Smelled bad

Apply Heat and Stir

Brains Brains Brains

Camp Winterhoof

Draconis Gastritis

Spawn of the Twisted Glade

Spirits of the Ice

Suppressing the Elements

The Book of Runes

The Fallen Sisters

The Frozen Glade

The Lodestone

The Rune of Command

Wild Vines

Demolishing Megalith

Keeper Witherleaf

Making the Horn

Mastering the Runes

Mimicking Nature’s Call

Seeds of the Blacksouled Keepers

Gruesome But Necessary

In Worg’s Clothing

It’s a Scourge

Necro Overlord Mezhen

Of Keys and Cages

Skorn Must Fall

Sleeping Giants

Stop the Ascension

The Artifacts of Steel Gate

The Cleansing

The Conqueror of Skorn

The Frost Wyrm and its Master

The Slumbering King

Towers of Certain Doom

Brother Betrayers

Burn Skorn Burn

Dealing With Gjalerbron

Eyes of the Eagle

Find Sage Mistwalker

Gjalerbron Attack Plans

A Lesson in Fear

Alpha Worg

Bring Down Those Shields


Guide Our Sights

Landing the Killing Blow

Let Them Eat

Report to Anselm

Reports from the Field

Rivenwood Captives

Sniff Out the Enemy

The Dragonskin Map

The Offensive Begins

The Walking Dead

The Windrunner Fleet

Trail of Fire

Trident of the Son

Elder Atuik and Kamagua

Feeding the Survivors

Root Causes

The Ambush

The Dead Rise

The Enemy’s Legacy

A Score to Settle

Adding Injury to Insult

Against Nifflevar

Arming Kamagua

Baleheim Bodycount

Baleheim Must Burn


Street Cred

Swabbin’ Soap

The Fragrance of Money

The Jig is Up

The Staff of Storm’s Fury

Zeh’ gehn Sez

A Carver and a Croaker

A Traitor Among Us

Avenge Iskaal

Crowleg Dan

Forgotten Treasure

Grezzix Spindlesnap

Meet Number Two

The Shield of Aesirites

Dead Man’s Debt

Gambling Debt

Jack Likes His Drink

Mutiny on the Mercy

Sorlof’s Booty

The Frozen Heart of Isuldo

The Lost Shield of the Aesirites