Grizzly Hills Quest Guides

Grizzly Hills Northrend Map world of warcraft











Warchief’s Command Grizzly Hills

A Show of Strength

An Expedient Ally

An Intriguing Plan

Cultivating an Image


In the Name of Loken

Into the Breach

Latent Power

Loken’s Orders

Onward to Camp Oneqwah

Raining Down Destruction

Rallying the Troops

Runes of Compulsion

The Conqueror’s Task

The Flamebinders Secrets

The Horse Hollerer

The Overseer’s Shadow

The Thane of Voldrune

The Unexpected Guest

Hour of the Worg

Jun’ik’s Coverup

Out of Body Experience

Ruuna the Blind

Ruuna’s Request

Sasha’s Hunt

Supplemental Income

Tactical Clemency

A Minor Substitution

A Sister’s Pledge

Anatoly Will Talk

Attack on Silverbrook

Fate and Coincidence


Gray Worg Hides

My Heart is in Your Hands

Sacrifices Must be Made

Subject to Interpretation

The Conquest Pit Bear Wrestling

The Conquest Pit Mad Furbolg Fighting


Vial of Visions

Voices From Dust

Delivery to Krenna

Dun da Dun tah!

Filling the Cages

Good Troll Hunting

Heart of the Ancients

Mikhail’s Journal

My Enemy’s Friend

Search and Rescue

Seared Scourge

Seeking Solvent

The Bear God’s Offspring

The Conquest Pit Blood and Metal

The Conquest Pit Death Is Likely

The Conquest Pit Final Showdown

The Darkness Beneath

Ursoc the Bear God

Vordrassil’s Fall Showdown

Vordrassil’s Seeds

A Possible Link

Destroy the Sapling

Eyes Above


Jin’arrak’s End

Nice to Meat You

Say Hello to My Little Friend

See You on the Other Side

Shimmercap Stew


A Bear of an Appetite

Chill Out Mon

Drak’Agull’s Mallet

It Takes Guts