Tanaris Kalimdor Map world of warcraft











Going Off Task

I’m With Scorpid


Puddle Stomping

Rocket Rescue

Seaside Salvage

Secrets in the Oasis

Tanaris is Calling

To The Ground

Blisterpaw Butchery

Blood to Thrive

Booty Duty


Dead Man’s Chest

Filling Our Pockets


Darkest Mojo

Chicken of the Desert

Cutting Losses

Gazer Tag

Get The Centipaarty Started

Just Trying to Kill Some Bugs

Maul ‘Em With Kindness

Returning a Favor


Sandscraper’s Treasure

The Thunderdrome Grudge Match

The Thunderdrome Sarinexx

The Thunderdrome The Ginormus!

The Thunderdrome Zumonga

The Thunderdrome!

Un Chartered

A Few Good Goblins

A Great Idea

Andoren Will Show

Bootlegger Outpost

Captain Dreadbeard

The Secrets of Uldum

Tropical Paradise Beckons

What Lies Within

Ancient Obstacles

Fragments of Language

Laying Claim

The Crumbling Past

The Grand Tablet

Poached Scrambled Or Raw

Searing Roc Feathers