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And That’s Why They Call Them Peons

Ashes to Ashes

Between a Rock and a Hard Place

Da Voodoo Ram Horns

Da Voodoo Resonite Crystal

Da Voodoo Stormer Heart

Dream of a Better Tomorrow

Enemy of the Horde Marshal Paltrow

Eyes and Ears Malaka’jin

I Got Your Parts Right Here

In Defense of Krom’gar Fortress

Jin’Zil’s Blessing

Krom’gar Fortress

Might of the Krom’Gar

Mr D’s Wild Ride

Nura Pathfinder


Report to Bombgutz

Spare Parts Up in Here

Where Are the Parts

Fight On Their Stomachs

Final Delivery

Kobold Fury

Lessons from the Lost Isles

Spy Infestation

The Missing Blastgineer

The Turd Problem

To Battlescar

Alliance Attack Plans

All’s Quiet on the Southern Front

Barrier to Entry

Beginning of the End

Proof of Lies

The General is Dead

To Be Horde

Betrayal at the Grove

Is This Justice

Might Makes Right

Nothing Left for You Here