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Animal Services

By Hook Or By Crook

Consumed by Hatred

Crossroads Caravan Escorted

In Defense of Far Watch

The Far Watch Offensive

Drag It Out of Them

Through Fire and Flames

Plainstrider Menace

Crossroads Caravan Pickup

The Zhevra

Hunting the Huntress

Supplies for the Crossroads

The Kodo’s Return

Grol’dom’s Missing Kodo

The Tortusk Takedown


The Purloined Payroll

Into the Raptor’s Den

Competition Schmompetition

Find Baron Longshore

Gazlowe’s Fortune

Hyena Extermination


Investigate the Wreckage

It’s Gotta be the Horn

Love it or Limpet

Raging River Ride

Samophlange #2

Samophlange #3


Samophlange Repair

Sludge Beast

Sludge Investigation

The Baron’s Demands

The Escape

To Stolen Silver

To Track a Thief

WANTED Cap’n Garvey

A Captain’s Vengeance

A Most Unusual Map

Ammo Kerblammo

Club Foote

Glomp is Sitting on It

Guns We Need Guns

Harpy Lieutenants

Harpy Raiders

In Fungus We Trust

Miner’s Fortune

Mor’Shan Caravan Delivery

Mor’Shan Caravan Pick Up

Mor’Shan Caravan Rescue

Mutiny Mon

Nugget Slugs

Read the Manual

Report to Thork

Return to Samophlanger

Serena Bloodfeather

Southsea Freebooters

Take it up with Tony

The Forgotten Pools

The Short Way Home

The Stagnant Oasis

Wenikee Boltbucket

Whos Shroomin Who

A Growing Problem

Demon Seed

Fungal Spores