Desolace Kalimdor Map world of warcraft











Deep Impact

Ethel Rethor

Furien’s Footsteps

Going Deep

My Time Has Passed

Mystery Solved

Official Assessment

Peace of Mind

Pulling Weeds

Putting Their Heads Together

Return and Report

Slitherblade Slaughter

Stubborn Winds

The Emerging Threat

The Enemy of Our Enemy


Wetter Than Wet

You’ll Know it When You See It

A Revenant’s Vengeance

A Time to Reap

Avenge Furien

Shadowprey Village

Will Work For Food

An Introduction

Blood Theory


Bone Collector


Calming the Kodo

Cenarion Property

Chipping In

Cleansing Our Crevasse

Delicate Negotiations

Delivery Device

Fish In a Bucket

Get Me Out of Here

Ghost Walker Post

Ghost o plasm Round Up

Maurin’s Concoction

My Word is My Bond

Not So Fast

Fletch Me Some Plumage!

Good Gold For Bad Tail

New Beginnings


Heavy Metal

Nothing a Couple of Melons Won’t Fix

Rider on the Storm

Satyrical Offerings

Stubborn Lands

Ten Pounds of Flesh

To the Hilt

All Becoming Clearer

Early Adoption