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Thornar Thunderclash

Skulk Rock Supplies & Skulk Rock Clean up

The Savage Dwarves

The Fall of Jintha’Alor

Start Taking Back

Dark Vessels

All That Skitters

Darkcleric Marnal

Death to the Vilebranch

Hunt the Keeper

Faces of Evil

Heads Up

It’s Ours Now

Venomous Secrets

Ongo’longo’s Revenge

Summit of Fate


Hunt The Savages

Shadra the Venom

Snapjaws Mon

Stalking the Stalkers

Starvation Diet

Stomp To My Beat

Summoning Shadra

The Battle for Andorhal

The Eye of Shadra

The Fang of Shadra

The Shell of Shadra

Can’t Make An Omelette Without

Pupellyverbos Port

Prime Slime

Lard Lost His Lunch