Swamp Of Sorrows Map eastern kingdoms world of warcraft











Maliciously Delicious

Mostly Harmless

Mostly Harmless #2

Can’t Take It With Them

Crazy Larry

Croc Out

Kill Gill

Baba Bogbrew

In With a Bang

Marshfin Madness

Slithering Signs

The Darkest Depths

Okrilla and the Blasted Lands

Orcs and Humans

Pool of Tears

Step One The Priestess

Step Three Prophet

Step Two The Bloodletter

Tasted Like Strider

The Dragon and the Temple

The Heart of the Temple

Tides of Darkness

To Stonard

Blessing of the Green Dragonflight

Drinks on the Rocks

Legends of the Sunken Temple

Lumbering Oafs

Secrets of the Mire Quest ID 27908

The Purespring Quest ID 27909

With Dying Breath Quest ID 27911

Last Regrets Quest ID 27910

Prayerblossom Quest ID 27907

Reinforcements Denied Quest ID 27855

We’re Under Attack Quest ID 27857

Marking The Fallen Quest ID 27856

Neeka Bloodscar Quest ID 27906