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Warchief’s Command Hillsbrad Foothills

The Gilneas Liberation Front

The Warchief Cometh

Guts and Gore

Agony Abounds

Iterating Upon Success

Dangerous Intentions

Waiting to Exsanguinate

Belmont’s Report

The Warchief’s Fleet

Playing Dirty

It’s Only Poisonous if You Ingest It

Steel Thunder

Give ’em Hell!


Deeper into Darkness

Lost in the Darkness

Orcs are in Order

Rise Forsaken

No Escape


Honor the Dead & Excising the Taint & Seek and Destroy

Nowhere to Run

Hair of the Dog

In Time All Will Be Revealed

Reinforcements from Fenris

The Waters Run Red

To Forsaken Forward Commands

Losing Ground

The F.C.D

Break in Communications Dreadwatch Outpost

Break in Communications Rutsak’s Guard

On Whose Orders & Vengeance for Our Soldiers

Resistance is Futile & A Man Named Godfrey

The Great Escape

Rise Godfrey

Breaking the Barrier

Unyielding Servitors

Dalar Dawnweaver

Relios the Relic Keeper

Only One May Enter

Transdimensional Warfare Chapter 1

Transdimensional Warfare Chapter 2

Transdimensional Warfare Chapter 3

Taking the Battlefront

Of No Consequence & Lessons in Fear & Pyrewood’s Fall

7th Legion Battle Plans & Sowing Discord

On Her Majesty’s Secret Service

Practical Vengeance Quest ID 27483

Cities in Dust Quest ID 27601

Empire Of Dirt Quest ID 27746

Ley Energies Quest ID 27480