Searing Gorge Map eastern kingdoms world of warcraft











A Lumbering Relic

The Fewer, the Better

Heat That Just Don’t Quit

The Spider Have to Go

Thorium point The Seat of the Brotherhood

Twilight Collars

A New Master But Who

A Proper Antivenom

Curse These Fat Fingers

Dig Boss Dinwhisker

Lunk No Kill

Lunk’s Task

Lunthistle’s Tale

Mouton Flamestar

Lunk’s Adventure Cranky little Dwarfs

Out of Place

Prayer to Elune


Recon Essentials

A Potential Ally

Dark Ministry


From Whence He Came

In the Hall of the Mountain Lord

Kill’em With Sleep Deprivation

Lunk’s Adventure, Rendan’s Weakness

Operation Stir the Cauldron

Rise Obsidion

Set Them Ablaze!


Slavery is Bad

Sweet Horrible Freedom

The Mountain Lord’s Support

They Build a Better Bullet

Twisted Twilight Ties

Welcome to the Brotherhood

The Mysteries Of The Fire Gizzard Quest ID 28032

Minions of Calcinder Quest ID 28061