Hillsbrad Foothills Quest Guides

Hilsbrad foothils Map eastern kingdoms world of warcraft











Welcome to the Machine

Trouble at Azurelode

Coastal Delicacies!

Human Infestation

Thieving Little Monsters!

Trouble at the Sludge Fields

No One Here Gets Out Alive

Discretion is Key

Do the Right Thing

For Science!

Glorious Harvest

Past Their Prime

Hercular’s Rod Giveth

Hercular’s Command

Studies in Lethality & Angry Scrubbing Bubbles & Trail of Filth

Can You Smell What the Lok’tar is Cooking

Green Living

Eastpoint Tower


Gurgle Help!

Heroes of the Horde

Kasha Will Fly Again & Terrible Little Creatures

March of the Stormpike

Matters of Loyalty

Silence of the Dwarves

Stormpike Rendezvous

The Road to Purgation

They Will Never Expect This

A Haunting in Hillsbrad

Aid of the Frostwolf



Humbert’s Personal Problems

infiltration & Deception and Trickery


Stormpike Apocalypse

The Durnholde Challenge Bloodvenom

The Durnholde Challenge D 1000

The Durnholde Challenge Infernus

The Durnholde Challenge Teracula

The Durnholde Challenge Zephyrus

The Heart of the Matter

Warchief’s Command Arathi Highlands

A Fighting Chance

Cry of the Banshee

Yetimus the Yeti Lord

Freedom For Lydon Quest ID 28209

Little Girl Lost Quest ID 28206

Muckgill’s Flipper or Something Quest ID 28154

Protocol Quest ID 28230

The Battle For Hillsbrad Quest ID 28196

Burnside Must Fall Quest ID 28235

Deep Mine Rescue Quest ID 28156

Do It For Twinkles Quest ID 28231

Ghouls Hate My Grains Quest ID 28744

Lawn of the Dead Quest ID 28748

Preemptive Strike Quest ID 28356

Someone Setup the Pumpkin Bomb Quest ID 28747

A Blight Upon the land Quest ID 28237

Basic Botany Quest ID 28733

Flower Power Quest ID 28617