Eversong Woods Quest Guides

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Reclaiming Sunstrider Isle

Felendren the Banished

Aiding the Outrunners

Paladin Training

Report to Lanthan Perilon

Unfortunate Measures

Ways of the Light


The Shrine of Dath’Remar

Slain by the Wretched

Solanian’s Belongings

Thirst Unending

A Fistful of Silvers

Package Recovery

Completing the Delivery

Major Malfunction

Goods from Silvermoon City

Unexpected Results

Roadside Ambush

Soaked Pages

Delivery to the North Sanctum

Delivery to Tranquillien

Research Notes

Return to Sathiel

Saltheril’s Haven

Malfunction at the West Sanctum

Where’s Wyllithen

The Wayward Apprentice

The Magister’s Apprentice

Cleaning up the Grounds

Runewarden Deryan

The Scorched Grove

Deactivating the Spire

Taking the Fail

Fly To Silvermoon City

Word from the Spire

Skymistress Gloaming

Amani Encroachment

Missing in the Ghostlands

Unstable Mana Crystals

Wanted Thaelis the Hungerer

Arcane Instability

Wretched Ringleader

Corrupted Soil

The Fallen Courier

Abandoned Investigations

Darnassian intrusions

Defending Fairbreeze Village

Lost Armaments

The Spearcrafter’s Hammer

Pelt Collection

Swift Discipline

Powering our Defenses

Grimscale Pirates!

Situation at Sunsail Anchorage

Old Whitebark’s Pendant

Tainted Arcane Sliver

The Dead Scar

The Dwarven Spy

The Ring of Mmmrrrggglll

Warning Fairbreeze Village

Whitebark’s Memory


Amani Invasion

Captain Kelisendra’s Lost Rutters

Fish Heads, Fish Heads

Incriminating Documents