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Gidwin Goldbraids

Just Encased

A Strange Historian

A Gift For Fiona

Amidst Death Life

A Boyhood Dream

Argent Call The Trail of the Crypt

Boys Will Be Boys

Argent Call The Noxious Glade

Greasing the Wheel

Heroes of Darrowshire

Hidden Treasures

Little Pamela

Marauders of Darrowshire

Onward to light’s Hope Chapel

What i Do Best

Zaeldarr the Outcast

Pamela’s Doll & I’m Not Supposed to Tell You This

Postponing the Inevitable

Rough Roads

Tarenar Sunstrike

The Battle of Darrowshire

The Trek Continues

Traveling Companions

Uncle Carlin

Villains of Darrowshire


Honor and Strength

Out of the Ziggurat

Into the Flames

Argent Call


lx’lar the Underlord


Nobody to Blame but Myself

Wretched Hive of Scum and Villainy

Beat it Out of Them

Blind Fury

Guardians of Stratholme

Scourged Mass

To Kill With Purpose

Dark Garb

To Take the Abbey

To Take the Barracks

Victory From Within

A Fate Worse Than Butchery

Add’ em to the Pile

Augustus’ Receipt Book

Befouled No More

Buried Blades

Counter Plague Research

Defenders of Darrowshire

Gathering Some Grubs

Just a Little Touched

Smokey and the Bandage

Soft Landing

The Assassin

The Brotherhood of Light

The Corpsebeasts

The Corpulent One

Like Rats

Scarlet Salvage

The Commander

The Huntsman

The Wrathcaster

A City Under Siege

An Opportune Alliance

Argent Upheaval

Fuselight Ho!

Just a Drop in the Bucket