Badlands Map eastern kingdoms world of warcraft











To Fuselight Proper

A Strange Request

Easily Swayed

Jurrix the Striker

Amakkar Jack of All Trades

Ancient Protectors Game

Bloodwatcher Point

Down to the Scar

First Sample Wild Eggs

Gargal the Behemoth

Half Ton Holdouts

It’s Not About History It’s About Power

Troggish Troubles

Lifting the Veil

New Kargath

Return to Blam

Rhea Revealed

Second Sample Whelps

Survival of the Fattest

The Bad Dogs

The Day that Deathwing Came

The Day that Deathwing Came the Real Story

The Day that Deathwing Came What Really Happened

The Hidden Clutch

The Sentinel’s Game Game

The Sentinel’s Pawn Game

The Sorrow and the Fury

The Titans’ Trove

The Venerable Doctor Blam

The Warden’s Game

The Warden’s Pawn

The Wrath of a Dragonflight

Their Hunt Continues

Third Sample Implanted Eggs

To the Aid of the Thorium Brotherhood

Rheastrasza Gift Quest ID 27898

The Egg Lives On Quest ID 27859

The Morons League Quest ID 27877

When the Going Get Tough Cheat Quest ID 27775

Devastation Quest ID 27930

Forcible Acquisition Quest ID 27878

It’s Goat Time Baby Quest ID 27776