Arathi Highlands Map eastern kingdoms world of warcraft











Sigil of Strom

Sigil of Thoradin

Sigil of Arathor


The Princess Trapped

The Princess Unleashed

The Stone Shards

Breaking the Keystone

Crush the Witherbark

Myzrael’s Tale

Revantusk Village

Stones of Binding

Call To Arms Quest ID 26027

Clearing The Highlands Quest ID 26053

Death From Below Quest ID 26628

Drowned Sorrows Quest ID 26055

Goggle Boggle Quest ID 26050

Hello Lolo Quest ID 26083

Speak to Sharks Quest ID 26052

Sunken Treasure Quest ID 26051

The Real Threat Quest ID 26029

The Traitor Orc Quest ID 26025

To Steal From Thieves Quest ID 26428