Mount Hyjal Quest Guides

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Into Unrelenting Flame

Protect the World Tree

Return to Alysra

Return to Nordrassil

The Captured Scout

The Flameseers Staff

The Return of Baron

The Return of the Ancients

Through the Dream

Twilight Captivity

War on the Twilight’s Hammer Hammer

Elemental Bonds Fury

Elemental Bonds Patience

Elemental Bonds The Vow

Emerald Allies

End of the Supply Line


Into Constant Earth

Into Coaxing Tides

Into Slashing Winds

Into the Maw

Lightning in a Bottle

Lycanthoth the Corruptor

Rage of the Wolf Ancient

Return from the Firelands

Sweeping the Shelf

The Nordrassil Summit

The Shrine Reclaimed

The Voice of Lo’Gosh

Cindermaul the Portal Master

Cleaning House

Crushing the Cores

Elemental Bonds Doubt

Forged of Shadow and Flame

Forgemaster Pyrendius

Harrying the Hunters

Howling Mad

In the Rear With the Gear

A New Master

An Ancient Awakens

Black Heart of Flame

Breaking the Bonds

Children of Tortolla

Disrupting the Rituals

Fighting Fire With Anything


Free Your Mind, the Rest Follows

From the Mouth of Madness

Good News and Bad News

Hell’s Shells

If You’re Not Against Us

Last Stand at Whistling Grove

Oh Deer

Save the Wee Animals

Seed of Their Demise

The Fires of Mount Hyjal

The Name Never Spoken

Tortolla Speaks

Fresh Bait

Prepping the Soil

Return to the Shrine

Scrambling for Eggs

Sethria’s Brood

Sethria’s Demise

Smashing Through Ashes

The Bears Up There

The Codex of Shadows

The Wormwing Problem

A Bird in Hand

A Gap in Their Armor

A Plea From Beyond

A Prayer and a Wing

An Offering for Aviana

Aviana’s Legacy


Durable Seeds

Egg Hunt

Return to Duskwhisper

The Ancients are With Us

The Eye of Twilight

The Hammer and the Key

The Last Living Lorekeeper

The Strength of Tortolla

The Third Flamegate

The Time for Mercy has Passed

This Can Only Mean One Thing

Tortolla’s Revenge

Tortolla’s Triumph

Aessina’s Miracle

Egg Wave


Finish Nemesis


Gar’gol’s Gotta Go

Get Me Outta Here

Mastering Puppets

Return to Aviana

A Champion’s Collar

A Ritual of Flame

Agility Training Run Like Hell

An Ancient Reborn

Caught Unawares

Flight in the FireLands

Gather the Intelligence

Grudge Match

Guardians of Hyjal Firelands Invasion

Mental Training Speaking the Truth to Power

Opening the Door

Physical Training Forced Labor

Seeds of Discord

Spiritual Training Mercy is for the Weak

The Hatchery Must Burn

To the Sanctuary

Twilight Training

Walking the Dog

Wave One

Wave Two

Trial By Fire

Twilight Riot

Twilight Territory

Waste of Flesh

Your New Identity

Commander Jarod Shadowsong

Graduation Speech

Head of the Class

In Bloom

Signed in Blood

Slash and Burn

Speech Writing for Dummies

The Greater of Two Evils

The Sanctuary Must Not Fail