Marshals Refuge farming

Marshals Refuge - Farm Location

Marshals Refuge Drops

These mats have a change to drop

Guardian Stone
Star Ruby

These items have a change to drop

Arachnidian Gloves
Arctic Ring
Balanced War Axe
Bloodforged Belt
Bloodforged Shield
Bloodwoven Jerkin
Bonecaster’s Cape
Bonelink Wall Shield
Bulky Maul
Celestial Cape
Clout Mace
Darkmist Orb
Deflecting Tower
Diviner Long Staff
Fine Longsword
Formidable Legguards
High Chief’s Belt
High Chief’s Legguards
High Chief’s Pauldrons
Highborne Cloak
Highborne Footpads
Highborne Gloves
Highborne Pants
Impenetrable Cloak
Impenetrable Gauntlets
Ironhide Gauntlets
Ironhide Pauldrons
Jadefire Belt
Jadefire Bracelets
Keeper’s Armor
Keeper’s Cord
Laminated Scale Armor
Laminated Scale Bracers
Laminated Scale Shoulderpads
Light Plate Gloves
Light Plate Shoulderpads
Lofty Armguards
Lofty Gauntlets
Magnificent Cloak
Marble Circle
Merciless Cloak
Opulent Cape
Opulent Leggings
Opulent Mantle
Pattern: Chimeric Boots
Peerless Belt
Peerless Bracers
Potent Helmet
Praetorian Leggings
Praetorian Wristbands
Pridelord Bands
Pridelord Halo
Primed Musket
Protector Breastplate
Quillfire Bow
Reinforced Steel Lockbox
Rune Sword
Scorpashi Gloves
Siege Bow
Smashing Star
Smooth Leather Belt
Smooth Leather Gloves
Tapered Greatsword
Thaumaturgist Staff
Thick Leather Tunic
Twill Belt
Twill Gloves
Twill Shoulderpads
Vanguard Headdress
Venomshroud Leggings
Vorpal Dagger
Wizard’s Hand