Corins Crossing farming

Corins Crossing - Farm Location

Corins Crossing Drops

These mats have a change to drop

Dark Rune
Essence of Undeath
Mageweave Cloth
Silk Cloth

These items have a change to drop

Amethyst Band
Aurora Bracers
Balanced Long Bow
Blocking Targe
Blunting Mace
Brigade Circlet
Crochet Boots
Crochet Bracers
Crochet Cloak
Crochet Gloves
Crochet Hat
Crochet Shoulderpads
Crochet Vest
Crushing Maul
Embossed Plate Helmet
Exquisite Flamberge
Fine Pointed Dagger
Furious Falchion
Goblin Nutcracker
Hardened Leather Tunic
Headstriker Sword
Heavy Flint Axe
Huntsman’s Leggings
Interlaced Cloak
Jouster’s Chestplate
Marsh Ring
Mistscape Gloves
Mistscape Mantle
Overlinked Chain Cloak
Pattern: White Bandit Mask
Sequoia Branch
Spiritchaser Staff
Thick Cloak
Thick Leather Belt
Thick Leather Boots
Thick Leather Bracers
Thick Leather Gloves
Thick Leather Shoulderpads
Tracker’s Belt
Traveler’s Backpack