Stringy loins farming

Speed up Stringy loins farm

-Skinning can give extra meat when you skin them. If you have skinning remeber to buff your skinning speed.

-Enchant Gloves – Zandalari Skinning or Enchant Gloves – Kul Tiran Skinning. You should enchant your hands to make your gathering speed faster in zandalar or kul tiras. Alternative you can use darkmoon firewater, which allow you to gather faster for 1 hour. This will work in all areas and with herbalism, mining and skinning. Just make sure to get the right one with the tooltip saying “Allows faster gathering of resources and slightly increases your size for 1 hour.” Because there are 2 things called Darkmoon Firewater. (skinning enchant will only work in BFA area and wont work in uldum or pandaria, so get some Darkmmon Firewater)

Stringy loins farming spot 1 – Vol’dun

This is the best spot for Stringy Loins killing Redrock scavenger/Howler and Ambermane Buck/Gazelle in Vol’dun.

Download Route – For The Routes Addon

Stringy loins farm spot 2 – Vol’dun

Alternative spot for Stringy Loins killing Dustmane Howler in Vol’dun

Download Route – For The Routes Addon
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