Nettlefish farming

Fishing nettlefish farming

The first step is to learn Northrend Fishing, you can learn it from Marcia Chase at the old Dalaran. (53.05, 64.95) You can fish without learning, but I will recommend learning it because you will get a lot more loot.

You can fish in many places, but there are some places that are better than others.

To speed up the fishing you can use:
Shiny Bauble: Increases Fishing by 3 for 10 min.
Bright Baubles: Increases fishing by 7 for 10 min. (Requires Fishing 100)
Oversized Bobber: Increase the size of your Fishing bobber for 30 min.
Nightcrawlers: Increases Fishing by 5 for 10 min. (Requires Fishing 50)

Nettlefish farming – Sholazer Basin

This is one of the best places to fish after Nettlefish. There is also a chance to get other fish like Pygmy Suckerfish. Follow the lake around and go after the fishing holes in the water.

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