Borean leather farming

Speed up borean leather farming

The first step is to learn Northrend Skinning, you can learn it from Derik Marks at the old Dalaran. (35.08, 28.30) You can farm without learning, but I will recommend learning it because you will get a lot more leather.

Borean Leather can be farmed in different places and I have found 2 places to farm them.

To speed up the farming you can use:
Darkmoon Firewater: Allows faster gathering of resources and slightly increases your size for 1 hour (5 min. cooldown)

Borean leather – raid: the ruby sanctum

This is the best way to farm Borean Leather because there is no competition there.

The Ruby Sanctum is placed in Dragonflight under Wyrmrest Temple at Northrend. Find the entrance portal to the raid called The Ruby Sanctum.

Inside the raid, it is very important that you don’t kill the minibosses, because then you can’t do the raid again. So don’t kill the bosses Saviana Ragefire and Baltharus the Warborn. In the raid, you can also get Icy Dragonscale.

After you have killed all the monsters, you can reset the instance, by right click over your picture and clicking reset all instances, you can do that 10 times in an hour.

Download Route – For The Routes Addon

Borean leather farming route 2 – borean tundra

This is alternative route to farm Borean Leather is in Steeljaw’s Caravan in Borean Tundra, here you will also get Rhino Meat. Kill the Wooly Rhinos and remember to skin them, so you can get the Borean leather. There can be some competition on this spot.

Download Route – For The Routes Addon
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