Speed Up Monelite Ore farm

First step is to make sure you have your Monelite ore mining skill in rank 3. There is 2 kind Monelite deposit and Monelite Seam you want both of them in rank 3. You can go into your mining skill under your proffessions tab to see what rank you have. Here you can see what you need to do to get the next rank aswell. But remember to start with going to you’r mining trainer in Zandalar (Horde) Kul Tiras (Alliance) and learn rank 1.

-Enchant Gloves – Zandalari Mining or Enchant Gloves – Kul Tiran Mining. You should enchant your hands to make your gathering speed faster in zandalar or kul tiras. Alternative you can use darkmoon firewater, which allow you to gather faster for 1 hour. This will work in all areas and with herbalism, mining and skinning. Just make sure to get the right one with the tooltip saying “Allows faster gathering of resources and slightly increases your size for 1 hour.” Because there are 2 things called Darkmoon Firewater.

-Comfortable Rider’s Barding. is a mount equipment, you can equip this will prevent you from beign dazed / dismounted whil farming. You can craft it yourself with leatherworking or just buy it on the aution house.

-Coarse Leather Barding. This is an aleternative to Comfortable Rider’s Barding but it will only work for 2 hours and in Kul tiras and Zandalar. You can also use your tanking spec if you have a class which have a tanking spec. This will prevent you from beign dazed aswell.

-Monel-Hardened Stirrups. This will allow you to herb and mine while mounted in Kul tiras and Zandalar for 2 hours. This is a must have to do fast farming.

Monelite Ore Route 1 – Stormsong Valley 

The Routes is ordered after, what i think is the best route to get monelite ore. The Routes are optimized for flying, so if you don’t have flying yet you should unlock it.

Stormsong Valley have many monelite ore deposit, this will be the best place to farm them if you have flying. 

Monelite Ore Route 1 - Stormsong Valley

Monelite Ore Route 2 – Vol’dun

Vol’dun have many monelite ore deposits, so this is a great zone to farm some monelite ore.
This route will cover the most nodes in the zone. If you have flying this will be a good route because the nodes will force spawn before you have completed the route.

Monelite Ore Route 2 - Vol'dun

Monelite Ore Route 3 – Tiragarde Sound 

This route is also pretty good, but would only choose this one if there are competion the 2 other places. 

Monelite Ore Farm Route 3 - Tiragarde Sound

Monelite Ore Route 4 – Nazmir

Alternative route 

Monelite Ore Farm Route 4 - Nazmir

Monelite Ore Route 5 – Drustvar

Alternative route 

Monelite Ore Farm Route 5 - Drustvar

Monelite Ore Route 6 – Zuldazar 

Alternative route 

Monelite Ore Route 6 - Zuldazar