Speed Up Gilded Seaweave Cloth farm

In order to get more cloth the best place to start, is to learn tailoring. This will give you a little extra cloth.

-Cloth Scavenging Buff You can go learn the cloth scavenging buff from the tailoring trainer in the old Dalaran in Northrend. You need to learn Northrend tailoring first, then he will give you a quest. You can see in your proffeion tab if you have the buff.

cloth scavenging buff

-Tailoring Tools of the Trade - Synchronous Thread - You need to get the tools of the trade item in order to gain more extra cloth buff. This item i woth getting before you start to try to farm too much. You need to be level 120 and have zandalari tailoring in level 150, then the tailoring trainer in Zuldazar will give you a quest to start getting the pattern for the item. Its a questline, so you need to complete a couple of quest to get it.

Gilded Seaweave Farming Spot 1 – Naztajar

This is the best spot for Gilded Seaweave killing Zanj’ir in Naztajar. These mobs are strong and its best to do it in a well geared group and as 2×4.

Gilded Seaweave Farm 1 - Naztajar Map
Gilded Seaweave Farm 1 - Naztajar - Zanj'ir

Gilded Seaweave Farming Spot 2 – Uldum

For solo this is the best spot for farming gilded seaweave solo, you also need to have good gear to farm here. Is killing Amathet in uldum

Gilded Seaweave Farm 2 - Uldum Map
Gilded Seaweave Farm 2 - Uldum - Amathet