Zul farrak farming

Zul farrak dungeon entrance

Zul’Farrak Entrace i made a video there shows how to get inside the dungeon, and a image which displays the location. The dungeon is located in Tanaris in Kalimdor.

Farming route

 Its important to say you can farm the dungeon as you like, there is not only one correct way to do this. But i usually do this route. When you have completet the route run outside the dungeon and reset, then you can go in again. Max 10 times an hour. Remember to kill and loot everything!

A fast way to get out i using the druid Dreamwalk abillity, and then using it again will port you back outside the dungeon. Death Knight and Monks have i similar abillity called something else.

Zul farrak Drops

When you are farming this dungeon you are pretty much going for the transmog, which you can learn yourself ore try to sell on the auction house.

These items have a change to drop

Balanced Long Bow
Balanced War Axe
Blackmetal Cape
Blocking Targe
Bloodforged Helmet
Bloodwoven Mitts
Blunting Mace
Brutish Helmet
Bulky Maul
Clout Mace
Crested Buckler
Crochet Belt
Crochet Boots
Crochet Gloves
Crochet Hat
Crochet Vest
Crushing Maul
Deflecting Tower
Desert Ring
Diamond-Tip Bludgeon
Elunarian Handgrips
Fine Longsword
Gaea’s Cuffs
Gigantic War Axe
Greater Maul
Grinning Axe
Gryphon Mail Crown
Heavy Flint Axe
Heavy War Staff
High Chief’s Belt
Highborne Cord
Imperial Leather Spaulders
Imposing Vest
Ironhide Cloak
Jadefire Cloak
Jagged Axe
Keeper’s Bindings
Keeper’s Cloak
Khan’s Buckler
Laminated Scale Armor
Laminated Scale Bracers
Laminated Scale Circlet
Laminated Scale Cloak
Laminated Scale Pants
Laminated Scale Shoulderpads
Light Plate Belt
Light Plate Boots
Light Plate Bracers
Overlinked Chain Armor
Overlinked Chain Belt
Overlinked Chain Cloak
Overlinked Chain Gloves
Pattern: Big Voodoo Mask
Plans: Dazzling Mithril Rapier
Primed Musket
Protective Pavise
Regal Cuffs
Reinforced Steel Lockbox
Sentinel Musket
Sharp Shortsword
Smooth Cloak
Smooth Leather Belt
Smooth Leather Boots
Smooth Leather Bracers
Smooth Leather Gloves
Smooth Leather Helmet
Spiked Dagger
Splintering Battle Axe
Stout War Staff
Sunscale Gauntlets
Sunscale Sabatons
Tapered Greatsword
Thick Leather Gloves
Thick Leather Hat
Thick Leather Pants
Thick Leather Shoulderpads
Thick Leather Tunic
Threshadon Fang
Twill Belt
Twill Boots
Twill Cloak
Twill Shoulderpads
Twill Vest
Venomshroud Armguards
Venomshroud Boots
Vermilion Necklace
Warstrike Gauntlets
Whetted Claymore
Wolf Rider’s Padded Armor