Mana Tombs farming

Mana Tombs dungeon entrance

Mana Tombs entrance is located in Shattrath City, you will find 4 dungeons and i have made an image which shows the location. The dungeon is located in Terokkar Forest in Outland.

Farming route

If you have herbalism and mining, then you can find ores and flowers in the dungeon, remember you can mine the boss Tavarok. When you have completed the route run outside the dungeon and reset, then you can go in again. Max 10 times an hour. Remember to kill and loot everything!

Mana Tombs Drops

You will choose to farm this dungeon because of the transmog and some old crafting material.

These mats have a change to drop

Adamantite Ore
Ancient Lichen
Azure Moonstone
Blood Garnet
Flame Spessarite
Golden Draenite
Khorium Ore
Lesser Planar Essence
Living Ruby
Mote of Shadow
Netherweave Cloth
Shadow Draenite

These items have a change to drop

Amplifying Blade
Blood Knight Pauldrons
Bogslayer Gauntlets
Bone Collector Sword
Broken Longbow
Colossal War Axe
Consortium Crystal
Corroded Mace
Corroded Mail Circlet
Daggerfen Bindings
Dementia Boots
Dense War Staff
Deteriorating Blade
Deteriorating Plate Boots
Deteriorating Plate Bracers
Deteriorating Plate Gloves
Deteriorating Plate Pants
Eroded Mail Belt
Eroded Mail Boots
Eroded Mail Bracers
Eroded Mail Gloves
Eroded Mail Pants
Fel-Wrought Halberd
Feralfen Amice
Feralfen Hand
Feralfen Sash
Formula: Enchant Chest – Greater Stats
Khan’aish Girdle
Loosely Threaded Gloves
Loosely Threaded Hat
Magician’s Wand
Marshcreeper Mantle
Marshcreeper Sludgeboots
Mistyreed Shoulderpads
Mistyreed Torch
Moldavite Ring
Moldy Leather Boots
Moldy Leather Bracers
Moldy Leather Gloves
Moldy Leather Helmet
Moldy Leather Pants
Moldy Leather Shoulderpads
Purified Draenic Water
Ranger Gloves
Ranger Hat
Rusted Musket
Scheelite Ring
Sharpened Stilleto
Slavehandler Belt
Slavehandler Jerkin
Smoky Quartz Ring
Spell-Breaker Shield
Stone Reaper
Sunroc Armguards
Sunroc Chestpiece
Talonguard Bracers
Tarnished Claymore
Tarnished Plate Belt
Tarnished Plate Bracers
Tarnished Plate Gloves
Tarnished Plate Helmet
The Stoppable Force
Vindicator Boots
Vindicator Bracers
Wrathfin Bindings
Yew Wand