Blackrock depths farming

Blackrock depths dungeon entrance

Blackrock Depths Entrace can be quite hard to find, so i made a video there shows how to get inside the dungeon, instead of and image. Because its hidden underground in Searing Gorge located on Eastern Kingdoms.

Farming route

This dungeon can be hard to get around in, and its pretty big. i have tried to create a route on a map. But the dungeon have 2 maps. Its also important to say you can farm the dungeon as you like, there is not only one correct way to do this. But i usually only farm the start of the dungeon. When you have completet the route run outside the dungeon and reset, then you can go in again. Max 10 times an hour. Remember to kill and loot everything! The map will change between the two maps while your are running the route, so you will need to look at both of them to understand how to run it.

Remember to click on the thing with a lock (shown on the image below) Its located in the area called East Garrison.

Blackrock depths Drops

When you are farming this dungeon you are pretty much going for the transmog, which you can learn yourself ore try to sell on the auction house.

These mats have a change to drop
Mageweave Cloth
Thick Leather
Red Wolf Meat 
Black Diamond
Elemental Fire
Essence of Fire 
Heart of Fire
Solid Stone