Speed Up Cobalt Ore Farming

The first step is to learn Northrend Mining, you can learn it from Jedidiah Handers at the old Dalaran. (41.46, 25.78)

Cobalt Ore farming can be done in many places and I have found 2 places to farm them.

Northrend Mining Dalaran

To speed up the farming you can use:
Darkmoon Firewater: Allows faster gathering of resources and slightly increases your size for 1 hour (5 min. cooldown)

Cobalt Ore Route 1 – Grizzly Hills

This is the easiest farm to farm Cobalt ore, because there is not many farming in this area. 

Cobalt Ore Farming Grizzly Hills

Colbalt Ore Route 2 – Zul’Drak

Aleternative route to farm Colbalt ore. There are also Saronite Ores in this area, you can see some Saronite farms here. 

Cobalt Ore farm Zul'drak